Holzinger Consulting and partners provide solutions for the cement and minerals industry to improve plant performance, reduce production costs, increase productivity or implement new grinding and thermal processes. In order to achieve sustained success for our clients, this is our aim and commitment.

Your benefits along the production process

Raw Material Preparation

Raw materials are essential for the core business activities and have a significant influence on production costs and product quality. They are not renewable and are of limited availability.

Increased complexity in this field, of securing and providing raw materials for cement production, is due to:

Holzinger Consulting provides accurate answers to these questions:

Raw Meal Preparation

Defines the following process steps in term of

Holzinger Consulting finds accurate answers to these questions:

Clinker Production

Process and equipment has been developed and improved with the aim of performing these steps economically

How is your kiln running? Holzinger Consulting finds accurate answers.

Cement Grinding

More than 60% of total cement plant electrical energy consumption is utilised in grinding systems. Higher AFR utilisation and new cement types also make it necessary to adjust and adapt cement mills - both internal configuration as well as operation.

A review of a plant’s specific system set up does save energy costs, but the most significant benefit is generated by increased cement production and hence Sales opportunities.

Expert knowledge at Holzinger Consulting can provide reviews of all plant systems and identify the most significant benefits for your plant.