Plant Services and Troubleshooting

Holzinger Consulting provides optimisation services for the whole milling section of a plant, starting from the raw meal preparation to the fuel and cement grinding section. Performance is the key to grinding systems, to fulfil the need for lowering production costs, as well as meeting set quality targets.

We provide advice on how performance should be measured, monitored and improved by the proper use of process control systems as well as root-cause analysis tools.

The cement and minerals industry is constantly exposed to strong competition, fluctuating markets and production cost pressure.

We are able to support our clients worldwide in order to:

  • Maximise production rates
  • Solve process and equipment issues
  • Improve mill operation to achieve lowest possible production costs
  • Perform a technical audit
  • Study of plant specific electrical energy consumption in details and allocate optimisation potentials.
  • Define wear strategies for VRM’s and RP’s
  • Optimise the use of grinding aids